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Updated: May 21, 2021

4th May 2021

I am in the fortunate position of being able to fulfil a long-held dream to own my own wood.

Having worked for the Woodland Trust for many years, I saw how the Trust scrutinised each potential purchase, looking at the state and condition of the site, its link with the Trust’s acquisition strategy

and the more mundane matters such as the legal aspects of clarifying woodland boundaries and existing rights held over the site by others, rights of access for woodland management and the price.

Now I am going through a similar process in looking for my own wood to buy which is a very exciting process. I have seen several woods for sale of many different kinds but the more I see the more I realise that my own acquisition strategy is perhaps a little hazier than it should be.

So do I want to indulge myself by buying my little piece of personal woodland heaven for that immersive experience of being in my own wood (and practising a bit of forest bathing or ‘shrinrin-yoku’ as the Japanese call it!) or do I want to protect a piece of woodland for the future by buying a wood which needs some care and attention to protect its value now and in the future? Do I want to follow my heart or my head? Do I want to be a passive or an active woodland owner?

Without sufficient clarity on my overall goals, I may buy the ‘wrong’ wood and regret my choice. The challenge is real and immediate, and shows how being clear about the impact I want to achieve will drive the decision I make.

This is a work in progress so I’ll let you know the outcome!

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